Join us at St. Martin's for Advent and Christmas

Saint Martin’s Reflection

Advent 2018

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

Soon we will be starting a new year, and a new time of expectantly waiting to see what God will do in our worlds, our church, and our lives. This is a time not just of waiting, but also of preparation…

Something powerful is going to break into the world and radically transform the whole of creation. The way the prophet Isaiah describes it, the whole landscape will be shifted and changed. Mountains descend into the earth, and valleys flatten out. This is awesome power. But alongside this we have the imagery of the shepherd gently carrying a lamb in his arms. Awesome power, and homely and familiar love, mixed together.

There are two aspects to expectation. First: the idea that there is something which is not right with the world. There are impassible hostile mountains, and there are dangerous and foreboding chasms. Second: there is a promise that the world can be put right. The chasms become sun dappled valleys, and the mountains gentle hills. And the sheep roam protected by a loving shepherd.

I think that even a secular understanding of Christmas falls into this pattern… there are problems in our lives… and a holiday, or more time with the family, or more stuff will fix these problems, so we think. Perhaps it does to an extent – but Christmas, and what it offers a much greater gift, of God coming into the world…

So what does Advent mean to you? How will you prepare for the great event which is to happen?

We will not all come up with the same answers. Advent is a time of preparation. For some preparing for Christmas might mean more prayer, for some it might mean looking at ways to improve society in practical ways, for others it might be about building, or restoring, loving relationships with family or friends. May we all find some joy, and some wisdom as we share out Advent journey with one another.

God bless!

Fr. Max

Saint Martin’s Christmas Service

9th December Carols in NEV

7:00pm We will join Saint Marta's Church and sing carols in the local streets, then eat and be merry at Saint Martin's Church.

24th December Christmas Eve

8:00pm Carols with Candles followed by Mass/Communion

25th December Christmas Day

9.00am Christmas day service

Brunch You are warmly invited to join us for a

Christmas brunch after the service. Even if you were not there in time for Church!

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